Welcome To Roshni Special School

An Initiative of Elshaddai Charitable Trust

Our Mission

Any person with intellectual disabilities irrespective of their degree of disability, socio economic condition and age. Towards eradicating the stigma associated with disabilities specially intellectual disabilities.

Our Goals

Everyone one can learn when instruction is differentiated to meet individual needs.

Our Work

To create an effective climate for learning by sharing all available information about a child’s disability pertinent to the child’s performance in an educational setting.

From the Secretery's Desk

Greetings to all,
After a New School, with a New Challenges, and Milestones.

Efforts Continued in between troubles, trials in a journey of life, with the blessings from the almighty god, and support from parents, teamwork by staff and well-wishers on the every path every foot steps is a new challenge, milestone set up beside to mark the distance after reaching the half path with no turning back in the time of losing hope, a visit of great social workers, associations and organization to Roshni is like a fill with a true hope and true love to reach a destination

Humbly Yours

Jerome B. Dsouza

A Glimpse of our Service